Why we choose home education, travel with kids and worldschooling (and how we do it)

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  1. Kate says:

    You have made an incredibly comprehensive education plan for your kiddos while traveling the world! I applaud your passion and efforts to grow well rounded, multi-cultural and conscientious humans! Love this!!! 🙌💗

    • Emma says:

      Thanks so much Kate! It’s really nice to be able to design our life the way we want it to be, and know that we’re doing well by them and the planet as we do.

  2. Alyson Long says:

    Well done! As we were “you” about 6 years ago ( our kids are now 14 and 11). I’m just here to say, it works, its awesome. My boys are fantastic, great kids, knowledgeable, smart, and I never lost their childhood to school. The bond we have, the understanding, the closeness. I love it. Pulling them out of school was the best thing we ever did and we have no plans at all to put them back in. Anybody can teach themselves anything. We have Google, we have YouTube. Look at me, professional scientist turned sole bread winning blogger ( most people won’t have a CLUE what that entails…well I found out and made it work). Nobody “taught” me anything. I figured it out and did it and kids are even more capable of that than adults. Best of luck!

    • Emma says:

      Thanks Alyson! I love reading your blog, and you and others who have been worldschooling for awhile have inspired and reassured us. And yes I definitely agree, there is nothing that can’t be learnt ourselves. My husband taught himself how to fix phones and computers and created a business out of it, so we have proof that all we need is interest, time and some passion. We are glad to be giving our kids the space to figure things out for themselves, and to have the time with them as we live this life together. Hope to bump into you guys one day! xox

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