Staying at Kahang Organic Rice Eco Farm (KOREF)

This was our first farm stay and first taste of rural Malaysia. KOREF has beautiful, rustic accommodation that caters for large groups as well as family bookings like us. When we arrived we thought it might have had its day, as we were practically the only ones staying there. But the following day bus loads of other guests arrived! Groups from all over Malaysia and Singapore come to stay there to get an insight into farm life and have some fun.

Read on to discover:

  1. What can you do at KOREF?

  2. What are the accommodation options?

  3. What was the food like?

  4. Where is KOREF and how do I get there?

  5. Other things to note

  6. KOREF contact details

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Our rookie travel mistakes… and how you can avoid them!

We began our first long-term family travelling adventure 3 weeks ago. Anthony and I have travelled before, but its been about 20 years since we went overseas. And we have travelled with our kids within Australia, but have never embarked on such a big trip that required packing up our house to rent it out. I have also been working hard on getting this blog established before we left, and put a lot of time into learning the art of blogging that could have been spent on travel organisation. I guess that’s why so many things went wrong as we set off! But enough of the excuses, this all has happened now and we got through it. We have learnt a great deal already and we’re making less mistakes now! Continue reading “Our rookie travel mistakes… and how you can avoid them!”

Green is not a dirty word! How to deal with negativity towards your lifestyle choices.

Have you tried to make changes to live in a more eco-friendly manner, and been met with eye-rolling, opposition, or even hostility? Been called a ‘hippy’ or ‘tree-hugger’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ perhaps?

Maybe it has happened to you in another circumstance, when you were trying to better yourself or do something different to the accepted norm around you.

This negativity commonly happens to anyone who is making a change for the better. It is frustrating and I know it can be so discouraging that you want to give up. Here I want to offer you some support, so you know you’re not alone and you have the strength to keep going despite the reactions of others. This is how I deal with it, as I have now had a bit of practice!

Step one

First it helps me to step away from the nay-sayer. If I feel myself getting defensive or angry, it’s best to walk away so I can be calm and think clearly. Mostly I can laugh it off and walk away now, as arguing isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. Sometimes I can’t though, and it really is best to remove myself from the situation and deal with my reaction.

Step two

Secondly, it helps me to remember why others react in a negative way. Usually, it’s because you are challenging their way of doing things, “the way it’s always been done”. I truly hate this concept, but until you know for yourself how damaging it is, it’s a pretty standard belief. Challenging the status quo means showing up where others are not questioning life for themselves, and perhaps not being responsible for their actions. And this brings out defensive behaviour directed at you, as you are daring to step up.

Albert Einstein quote

Once I remember this I can feel compassion for where they are at, and I can forget about being right or trying to change their minds. Putting pressure on them and forcing them to see what I see and change because I am changing, is not going to inspire anyone. It is only going to make them run in the opposite direction! Stepping up to more conscious living is my decision, and I can only change myself.

Step three

After that, I just go ahead with my change and let them be wherever they are at. Being a model of living in a different way requires confidence in yourself, not approval from others. And as the pressure is off others to change too, and you are demonstrating that it’s not really hard to make a change, often they are inspired anyway.

What if it doesn’t work?

And if your change doesn’t work out, or you’re laughed at, or yelled at, or thought of as a crazy person? (all has happened to me) It’s really ok. It can hurt a bit at the time, but it’s not the end of the world. It is normal actually, for people who dare to be different. I have learned to care less and less about what others think of me, and I wouldn’t trade that for all the popularity in the world.

As the Dalai Lama says:

“Never give up, not matter what is going on around you.”

Words like this inspire me to keep going. And the more I do, the less criticism I receive. The more I do, the more people I inspire. The more I do, the more confident I get. The more I do, the more changes get made.

You can do it too. I believe in you, and others are also waiting for you to step up. You will inspire others in one way, and you might just give them the strength to make a change that then inspires you too. Go for it!

Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Mungo National Park is one of Australia’s wonders: a window into our ancient past. To me the region felt sacred and visiting it was a truly Australian experience that I’ll always remember. Mungo is incredibly important to the culture of the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi people, and they preserve it today in conjunction with NSW National Parks.

From the excellent Visit Mungo website:

“These 42,000 year old ritual burials are some of the oldest remains of modern humans (Homo sapiens) yet found outside of Africa. Mungo Lady is the oldest known cremation in the world, representing the early emergence of humanity’s spiritual beliefs. Continue reading “Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia”

Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?

Taking photos is a part of everyday life for many people. It has never been easier to record our lives and most of us realise we need to ask for permission before posting pictures of others online. Yet whether we should actually be taking a photo in certain circumstances requires consideration too. Continue reading “Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?”