About us

Thanks for looking us up! We are a family of four from Victoria, Australia. We want to share our experiences in living more sustainably, and share our adventures as we embark on the first of many plans to travel around our amazing world. We have always wanted to travel a lot with our children, and part of the reason we choose to home educate them is to facilitate this lifestyle.

In 2017, The Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, we are heading to South East Asia and Central America to begin our worldly adventures. In planning out trip we asked ourselves: is it responsible to travel without thinking of the impact we are having? Can we explore new countries and have adventures together in a eco-friendly way? Well we think we can, and we want to share our experiences as well as showcase the businesses and initiatives that are moving towards sustainability in this blog.

So follow along if you’re similarly inspired, and please share your tips and experiences with us too!

With love,
Emma, Anthony, Dante and Allegra

Exploring Kununurra, Western Australia, in 2016.
Exploring Kununurra, Western Australia, in 2016.