About us

Thanks for looking us up! We are a family of four from Victoria, Australia. We want to share our experiences in living more sustainably, and share our adventures with you as we travel around our amazing world with a positive impact.

I, Emma, write this blog (and other published work). I love to write and take photographs of our life, and I love to help by empowering myself and others. I have an keen interest in different cultures, and have a background in psychology and anthropology. I also love being a mum and creating a life that is true to my highest calling.

Anthony has a background in the media, and is a talented IT technician. He is a more seasoned international traveller than me! And he’s a wonderful dad, and also prefers to follow the path to his own happiness rather than follow the crowd.

Dante and Allegra are amazing, funny, smart and passionate kids, who learn and teach us every single day. They adapted well to our first overseas adventure and are keen to continue on, as long as we can check back in at home every now and again.

Being close to our children and following their passions is very important to us, and showing them how incredible our world is too. We hope to raise globally-minded, free-thinking, well-balanced and self-aware children by travelling together in a sustainable way. We also hope to help anyone on the path to more eco-friendly living and travelling, so if that’s you, you’re in the right place!

With love,
Emma, Anthony, Dante and Allegra

Exploring Kununurra, Western Australia, in 2016. Exploring Kununurra, Western Australia, in 2016.