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The best drink bottles for kids!

We have tried stacks of reusable drink bottles since having kids. Some have broken, others have become too small, and of course some have gotten lost! But we persevere because we think it’s important that our children drink quality water everyday, and we don’t want to buy disposable bottles for...

Drink your coffee without guilt or waste 0

Drink your coffee…without guilt or waste

Drinking coffee is a luxury we easily take for granted. It is so accessible that it doesn’t require any thought about the consequences of our actions. We don’t really mean to be wasteful; we just want a drink, and we don’t want to think about whether our cup is recyclable or how the...

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Rethinking clothes shopping

Do you like these jeans I just bought? I paid $4 for them! Yep, a whole $4. They are next to new and fit me perfectly: unusually, I didn’t even have to take the hems up! A perfect pair of jeans, found in a quick look in an op shop,...