Flying, travel insurance & travel guides

Do you need to fly every time?

To travel more sustainably, please consider flying less. Short-haul flights especially create a lot of carbon that has a very negative effect on the environment. You can offset your flights to balance the impact from your travels, and if you choose overland transport for shorter distances, your explorations and holidays will have far less impact.

We strive for minimal transport impact and have offset the flights from our South East Asia trip and our caravan adventure through Central Australia. Here is more about that, including how much it costs.

Flight bookings

SkyScanner is our go-to website for searching and comparing flights. It’s easy, free and as they search through all airline companies globally, so you don’t need to check each separately.

It’s also great to be able to perform searches to EVERYWHERE based on the dates you can go and flight prices! Adventure certainly awaits!

Pro tip: Set your browser to Incognito Mode before searching for flights on any platform. This ensures airlines cannot track your activity, as they have been known to increase their prices once they notice your continued research.

Travel Insurance

World Nomads LogoWorld Nomads is our choice of insurance provider. Travelling without insurance is a huge gamble we don’t wish to make! So it’s great to find a company who is a responsible tourism advocate, and who are also competitively priced. We have found them to be very reliable and responsive in all of our communications too. And they are super-flexible!

World Nomads are actually most known for their flexibility, which is very important to travellers like us, with many ideas but no set routes and return dates. They allow customers to change plans and purchase insurance while already travelling, and they offer a huge range of adventure activities for cover too. I also love the option to make a micro-donation to one of their global community development projects. Get a quote and compare their pricing and coverage options below.

Travel Research & Guides

Lonely PlanetLonely Planet really set the standard for great travel guides. We have been using them for years and always buy their country guides while researching our trips.

You can purchase their guides (or even specific chapters) electronically, and save each purchase on multiple devices. This is great to live greener, plus you’ll always have your guide with you, and you’ll save on baggage weight!

Eco tip: Lonely Planet’s whole country guides have eco-friendly and socially-responsible recommendations. We’ve found them invaluable for finding sustainable tours, eateries and accommodation.

Go to our Recommended resources for positive impact and sustainable travel to discover accommodation and tours that support local people and the environment.