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Green is not a dirty word. How to deal with negativity towards your lifestyle choices.

Green is not a dirty word! How to deal with negativity towards your lifestyle choices.

Have you tried to make changes to live in a more eco-friendly manner, and been met with eye-rolling, opposition, or even hostility? Been called a ‘hippy’ or ‘tree-hugger’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ perhaps? Maybe it has happened to you in another circumstance, when you were trying to better yourself or do...

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Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?

Taking photos is a part of everyday life for many people. It has never been easier to record our lives and most of us realise we need to ask for permission before posting pictures of others online. Yet whether we should actually be taking a photo in certain circumstances requires consideration too.

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How I have embraced conscious fashion and clothing habits

When I started understanding what fast fashion was all about and the impact it is having on people and the environment, I started looking for alternative ways to clothe my family. Being a more conscious consumer has led me to finding wonderful new brands that support workers fairly, and sustainable...

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I quit being a slave to cosmetics

About a year ago, I started questioning why I had been faithfully buying facial moisturiser for half of my life. I’d been using it daily since I was a teenager, and I very much ‘needed’ to apply it every time after my face got wet. But why wasn’t I able to create moisture...