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Fun & sustainable activities in Chiang Mai! The Elephant PooPoo Paper Park & Elephant Parade Land reviewed.

Chiang Mai is an amazing and beautiful city, and is one of the places in Thailand where tourists flock to see elephants. The town has elephant decorations and references everywhere and is pretty much obsessed with the largest pachyderms. Not surprisingly, elephants have inspired many businesses and initiatives, including the...

Allegra at the Coober Pedy playground 4

Adelaide to Uluru road trip: the sights, great camping spots, family fun & responsible travel tips!

Despite being Australian, I had never been to Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) until recently. My family and I took our road trip to Uluru over several weeks, stopping at all of the outback towns to learn and get a real sense of life in Central Australia. It is one of...

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Books and resources to prepare kids for worldschooling, or any family travels

What is the best school in the world? Ask a worldschooler and they’ll answer “the whole world is a school!” Many families, including ours, are choosing family travel to give our kids the best education we can provide. Whether as dedicated worldschoolers, travelling long-term around the globe, or by including...

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The Ultimate Guide to Malaysian Eco Resorts & Sustainable Accommodation.

When you think of an eco-tourism destination, does Malaysia come to mind? It will now! Malaysia has a great range of sustainable accommodation to enjoy: from farm stays to luxury beach resorts; from secluded rainforest retreats to mid-city hotels; from island camping adventures to durian tree-houses!

Making paper from elephant poo in Chiang Mai (Thailand, Dec 2017) 6

Why we choose home education, travel with kids and worldschooling (and how we do it)

We have chosen an alternative education path for our children, and although such choices are becoming more and more popular, they are still not very well understood by most people. I’ve just spent a whole week writing a report that details how Dante is learning outside of school, for our...

Elephants in the forest of Northern Thailand 16

Our ethical elephant experience in Thailand: the Mahouts Elephant Foundation.

Like many people, meeting some elephants was one of the things we were really looking forward to on our South East Asia trip. Finding a truly ethical elephant experience is surprisingly difficult, given the number of elephant sanctuaries and tourist opportunities, in Thailand especially. We were pleased to find the...

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Responsible travel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It’s easier than you think!

What makes travel to Siem Reap really special? It is the gateway to magnificent Angkor Wat, yes, and it is also a bustling city that is chock-full of responsible initiatives! Supporting sustainable businesses and social enterprises with our travel income was very important to us, and it was very enjoyable...