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Our rookie travel departure mistakes… and how you can avoid them!

We began our first long-term family travelling adventure three weeks ago. And we made a lot of mistakes preparing for our departure! Anthony and I have travelled before, but it has been about 20 years since we each went overseas. And we have travelled with our kids within Australia, but have...

Green is not a dirty word. How to deal with negativity towards your lifestyle choices. 4

Green is not a dirty word! How to deal with negativity towards your lifestyle choices.

Have you tried to make changes to live in a more eco-friendly manner, and been met with eye-rolling, opposition, or even hostility? Been called a ‘hippy’ or ‘tree-hugger’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’ perhaps? Maybe it has happened to you in another circumstance, when you were trying to better yourself or do...

Camping with kids at Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia 2

Camping with kids at Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Mungo National Park is one of Australia’s wonders: a window into our ancient past. To me the region felt sacred and visiting it was a truly Australian experience that I’ll always remember. Mungo is incredibly important to the culture of the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi people, and they preserve it today...

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Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?

Taking photos is a part of everyday life for many people. It has never been easier to record our lives and most of us realise we need to ask for permission before posting pictures of others online. Yet whether we should actually be taking a photo in certain circumstances requires consideration too.

Drink your coffee without guilt or waste 0

Drink your coffee…without guilt or waste

Drinking coffee is a luxury we easily take for granted. It is so accessible that it doesn’t require any thought about the consequences of our actions. We don’t really mean to be wasteful; we just want a drink, and we don’t want to think about whether our cup is recyclable or how the...

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How we have embraced conscious fashion and clothing habits

When I started understanding what fast fashion was all about and the impact it is having on people and the environment, I started looking for alternative ways to clothe my family. Being a more conscious consumer has led me to finding wonderful new brands that support workers fairly, and sustainable...

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Why we are volunteering with kids as we travel

Earlier this year, Dante, Allegra and I went to visit the home and farm of some friends of ours, who invited us and another home-educating family to come for a play and to see some of the many lambs being born. We had a lovely time catching up over lunch...