Drink your coffee…without guilt or waste

Drinking coffee is a luxury we easily take for granted. It is so accessible that it doesn’t require any thought about the consequences of our actions. We don’t really mean to be wasteful; we just want a drink, and we don’t want to think about whether our cup is recyclable or how the coffee is grown. We have enough problems of our own to think about. Perhaps that’s the whole issue there: we are so busy leading our complex lives that it’s hard to slow down enough to think about the impact each choice is having. And we need more coffee just to make it through the day! But the consequences of our love affair with coffee are too big to ignore. There are 4 main problems: Continue reading “Drink your coffee…without guilt or waste”

Why we are volunteering with kids as we travel

Finding an abandoned lamb on the farmEarlier this year, Dante, Allegra and I went to visit the home and farm of some friends of ours, who invited us and another home-educating family to come for a play and to see some of the many lambs being born. We had a lovely time catching up over lunch and playing outside, and then went to one of the paddocks to find some sheep. We had learned a little about them in talking to our farming friends, and were surprised to discover that sheep sometimes aren’t very good mums. They can abandon their lambs if they get scared, and some just follow the leaders in their flock and never go back to care for their abandoned offspring again. Continue reading “Why we are volunteering with kids as we travel”