Hemp underwear by Wama reviewed!

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Have you ever tried hemp clothing? It’s naturally antibacterial, resistant to odours, moisture-wicking, and it gets softer as it ages. So you can imagine how great hemp is for underwear!

contacted me to see if I was keen on trying some of their products, and of course I was. I already knew the benefits of hemp from my research on reusable grocery bags and I’m a keen supporter of sustainable fashion.

Without further ado, here is my honest review of their hemp underwear and bralettes, and my husband’s thoughts on his hemp trunks.

Me (Emma) in my green hemp underwear and black t-shirt, holding some black hemp trunks by WAMA.
Have you been thinking of trying hemp underwear too?

Our hemp underwear review: FAQ-style

What does hemp underwear feel like?

If you think of clothing made from hemp or other sustainable fabrics like jute and linen, you might get an image of stiff, scratchy, thick material that is the opposite of comfortable. I promise, this hemp underwear is the opposite of that!

fabric is like a good friend: it hugs all the right places, it’s not hiding anything nasty, and it gets softer and more lovely as it gets to know you better!

The softness doesn’t feel shiny like silk or furry like a polyester dressing gown, it’s more of a well worn cotton t-shirt feel. They have support from the gentle stretch of the fabric, and a smooth fit that doesn’t rub the wrong way or move against you. In short, they feel super comfortable and I can guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Men’s boxer briefs by WAMA. Image courtesy of .

How long will they last? Is hemp underwear cost effective?

Yes, hemp underwear is cost effective because they’re three times stronger than cotton underwear and actually improve as they age. WAMA is also priced very reasonably compared with many other organic underwear brands, at $20 for women’s panties and $24 for men’s boxers and briefs.

Hemp is one of the most durable fabrics around and will last a long time if properly cared for. As it’s also naturally antibacterial, it’s a great choice for underwear! Other fabrics can get a build up of bacteria after many uses, and those that are treated with antibacterial agents can wash off after multiple washes.

If you wear your hemp underwear mostly for working out or sweaty activities — which is a great thing to do because they’re very breathable and moisture-wicking — they won’t last as long as if you mostly wore them for more sedentary work. But you’ll still get a lot of use from your , and your sensitive areas will be well protected and healthy.

How do you care for hemp underwear?

WAMA recommends hand washing their underwear, but as I’m too lazy busy to do that, I wash mine in a lingerie bag. They are indeed getting softer with each wash! Washing in cold or warm water and air-drying them flat is best to retain their shape and maximise your usage.

WAMA has a great blog post about , should you ever need to. And be sure to check out my post about Modibodi’s period underwear for the most comfortable and sustainable solution for that time of the month.

Hand washing WAMA undies: not by me! Image courtesy of .

What are bralettes?

Bralettes are less structured than bras, with no padding, underwires or push-up elements. They’re made to be comfortable and easy to wear, while still providing some support. They’re usually quite thin and just made from one type of fabric, so they don’t offer nipple coverage like most bras do.

Bralettes are lovely for wearing anywhere you want to feel comfortable and are happy to have a more natural look to the shape of your breasts. I’ve worn my WAMA triangle bralette out and about with my kids as well as at home and felt relaxed and happy wearing them.

From what I have read though, women with larger boobs may not feel as comfortable in a bralette as they don’t provide the same level of support.

Me author: Emma) in my hemp triangle bralette from WAMA.
Me in my hemp triangle bralette from .

Are bralettes suitable for breastfeeding in?

The triangle bralette is suitable for breastfeeding in, but not the racerback style. The triangle bralette doesn’t have the clips to unhook the front panels but the shape of them makes it easy for comfortable feeding. Plus being soft, all natural fabric and antibacterial, they’re a great choice for nursing mothers.

At this stage WAMA isn’t planning to introduce a specific breastfeeding range with clasps to unhook the front panels.

Bralettes by WAMA.
WAMA makes two kids of bralettes: the triangle bralette and the racerback bralette. Image courtesy of .

Is hemp underwear good to exercise in?

Yes it is, as it’s breathable and 100% natural. It also fights odours, wicks away moisture, and is naturally antibacterial. are comfy and fit well, so I haven’t had to worry about my panties riding up as I work out.

The triangle bralette is not made for exercising though, as it doesn’t have much support and isn’t the right shape. The racerback bralette is more appropriate for exercise and many women do use it for their sports bra. I haven’t personally tried WAMA’s racerback, but it is the style I wear to work out.

Are the styles comfortable? What styles are available?

The two styles of hemp underwear I have are very comfortable for me. I have the hemp hipsters and bikini as they’re styles I usually wear. I also like the look of the boy shorts and will grab them with my next order! Also available for women are thongs/g-strings and high waisted briefs.

Anthony says his trunks are very comfy. He’s found them to be really great for moisture wicking on hot days! He reports feeling much cooler and fresher down there. Also available for men are boxers, boxer briefs, and briefs.

Ou WAMA underwear and my bralettes.
Our and my bralettes.

What sizes is hemp underwear available in? Are they true to size?

WAMA’s women’s underwear and bralettes range from XS to 3XL. Their men’s boxers, trunks and briefs range from S to 4XL.

WAMA has a size chart on each product page so you can measure yourself for the best fit. They recommend going up if you’re in between sizes as their styles can be a bit on the small size. If you’re confused or want some more guidance you can email or for a quick and personalised response.

I sized up and they fit me well, not tight but not loose either. Anthony got his standard size and finds they fit him well.

Me in my hemp bikinis by . I ordered them in medium and they fit perfectly.

Why is WAMA a sustainable underwear brand?

Because hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics around! It grows fast and doesn’t need chemicals or fertilisers, plus it sequesters carbon, it’s much more water efficient than cotton, and it prevents soil erosion over time.

Also, hemp has natural properties that prevent the need for chemical additions to the fabric; in addition to being antibacterial, hemp has UV protection and flame retardant properties.

Hemp creates a very strong fabric that is made to last, so it’s the opposite of fast fashion too. It’s made slowly by small producers, and it will last many years.

Is WAMA’s hemp underwear made ethically?

Yes. WAMA’s products are made in China (the country with the longest continuous history of hemp cultivation) with a team member working directly for WAMA overseeing all factory operations.

Hemp is mostly grown on small family farms in China, and WAMA is strict about their code of conduct and working conditions for employees. Although WAMA is not fair trade certified, they ensure fair working conditions and pay are given to all employees. WAMA is also a PETA approved vegan brand, and a Green America Certified business.

You can .

WAMA's supplier code of conduct.

Is WAMA GOTS certified organic? What is the underwear made from?

All hemp is grown organically and the family farms in China are no different. Because hemp is a niche crop grown on very small farms, obtaining the GOTS certification is too expensive for growers. It isn’t so necessary for hemp at this stage anyway because it is grown on such a small scale: the GOTS certification ensures that huge suppliers of cotton are doing the right thing ecologically and for their workers.

Wama Underwear is developed using 53% Hemp, 44% Certified Organic Cotton and 3% Spandex. The hemp in their fabric blend can’t be GOTS certified, but the organic cotton is. You can .

A farmer in an industrial hemp field.
A farmer in an industrial hemp field.

Are the dyes eco-friendly? What colours are available?

WAMA uses low impact dyes which are non-toxic and certified as eco-friendly by Oeko-Tex. You can .

Currently WAMA’s underwear is available in natural hemp colour, green and black. From October 2021 they will also be available in four shades of nude!

Green and black underwear and a black bralette with green trim.
Green and black underwear by .

Where can I buy WAMA underwear?

You can access all of WAMA’s products through their online store, and in selected hemp and natural clothing stores in Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and Uruguay.

Is there a discount code for WAMA underwear?

New customers: you automatically get a whopping 20% off your first order! This applies to all products except for mens’ and women’s underwear packs as they’re already discounted. It also only applies to online orders through WAMA.

And you can replace your first pair of WAMA underwear for a different style or size, or get a full refund if you’re not happy with them

For other purchases, you can use the code EMMA10 for 10% off your purchase through WAMA’s website.

Is postage available worldwide?

Yes! Shipping is free within the US and they have a flat rate of $20 for shipping to all other countries. Depending on where you are, you may have to pay your country’s tax as well.

Is their packaging sustainable?

No plastic is used to wrap WAMA’s underwear; they’re sent wrapped in recycled tissue paper. WAMA also uses recycled boxes and poly mailers sourced from Ecoenclose.

Final thoughts

I’m so glad we had the opportunity to try as we’re very happy to recommend them to you as a safe, affordable, ethical and sustainable underwear option! It’s great to support producers who are fully utilising the benefits of hemp, who are striving to make products that support all people in their supply chain, and who don’t produce environmental damage along the way.

Let us know if you try some hemp underwear too!

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