Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia

Mungo National Park is one of Australia’s wonders: a window into our ancient past. To me the region felt sacred and visiting it was a truly Australian experience that I’ll always remember. Mungo is incredibly important to the culture of the Paakantji, Ngyiampaa and Mutthi Mutthi people, and they preserve it today in conjunction with NSW National Parks.

From the excellent Visit Mungo website:

“These 42,000 year old ritual burials are some of the oldest remains of modern humans (Homo sapiens) yet found outside of Africa. Mungo Lady is the oldest known cremation in the world, representing the early emergence of humanity’s spiritual beliefs. Continue reading “Mungo National Park, New South Wales, Australia”

Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?

Taking photos is a part of everyday life for many people. It has never been easier to record our lives and most of us realise we need to ask for permission before posting pictures of others online. Yet whether we should actually be taking a photo in certain circumstances requires consideration too. Continue reading “Respectful photography. How can taking a photo change the world?”

Kununurra, Western Australia

We spent two weeks in Kununurra, Western Australia in 2016. It was our first big family adventure, and we loved it! We were fortunate to be able to stay with friends who knew the region well and were very gracious to host us all that time. Though Ant and I have explored most of Australia, we had never been to the top end of WA. It is very different from our home state Victoria, and is spectacularly beautiful. Being a tropical climate it was around 30 degrees Celsius each day, and this was in winter when back home it was a shivery 10 – 15 degrees. Continue reading “Kununurra, Western Australia”